Sony Cyber Attack

The news indicated that the US is planning on some kind of retaliation? What for? Sony is a private company (Japanese based if I am not mistaken) that had been a favorite target for hackers for a decade because of the malware they distributed on CDs for copyright protection. They infected about 22 million computers.

So this week in news we normalize relations with Cuba and we are at cyber war with N.Korea over a Japanese Company with poor network security practices? I'm confused...

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I think the problem is we've been dictated to by a foreign country what we can and can't entertain ourselves with. It's not so much about where the company is based. It's the fact that a multi billion dollar multi national company is curtailing to the demands of a whack as rogue state. From Korea's point of view what's to stop them in the future from doing it to someone else. The effect of this incident and others in the future will have an economic impact on more than just the shareholders of the companies they harrass. It had a social impact as well. From the view point of the common working man, it's kinda scary to know that what in the past seemed like empty threats and noise to fill the world report before Joe Moore comes on may just be more serious than that Phone Post 3.0

Yeah but the company caved damage to was done to the US...just a perceived fear that a company had. If they arr afraid of what might be leaked that is their problem not an international incedent.

I see your points, I just see it a little stronger from the Devils advocate side. If it ends with nothing being done it only will embolden NK. I just don't see it ending without reprocussion . Governments interfering with commerce and private business on a large scale is scary if they're allowed to continue on Phone Post 3.0

I get it but i think it is a slippery slope to gov control and monitoring the internet

What if North Korea was an inside job? Phone Post 3.0

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