Sore you can't even sleep!

Have you guy's ever been sore from a rough training session or seminar and been so sore you can't even sleep!? Seriously I am not trying to be funny but it happens like that sometimes. Especially after doing matwork or something.

If the sorenes comes 2-3 hours after training, it means that you training in anaerobic regime. Do you want to go that aggressive?Icing sore spots should help,also steam room or sauna once a week will be a grear thing

Yeah well it seems like laying on a normally soft matress feels like laying on cement after that much training.

ive felt like that a few times after a hard training session, i often take a warm bath and then get some sleep.

I got a Memory Foam Mattress Topper (2" thick) for Christmas and I can already tell it's going to help with having to constantly change positions due to soreness.
I'm 54 years old , so I have a good idea of the problem you have.

Icy Hot, Ice, and Heat Pads all have an honored place in my routine.

Also, I'm geting a lot of help from Gloucosamine(sp)?

"Icy Hot, Ice, and Heat Pads all have an honored place in my routine"

LOL for real!