Sorry everyone I let you down

So check this out, I took a month off from the forum to train for grapplers quest. (a long month at that). My goal was to win the 140 and under advance division. Well last week my goal changed.

I got a call and was asked if I wanted to be in the 8 man 150 and under pro division. Mike fowler, dave jacobs, taveras, superfreak, alan teo, jeff glover, and mike murclik were all in it. So I jumped at the chance. My first opponent would be our very own Mike Murclik. (BJJ Brown belt, ADCC Vet) and in the event I got past him I would have to go against teo or glover. two guys that have beaten me before. And if some miracle of god happend and I beat them i would have to go against either flower, jacobs, superfreak, or traver in the finals. Its safe to say the odds were stacked against me.

So my goals was simply to get past the first round. I figured I couldnt get to the second round without winning the first. I know Mike and hes a SUPER great guy, so I fgured if i beat him that would be good enough for me and I would die a happy man (so to speak).

 I figured if I played an active game against him he would get tired and I would be able to somehow pull off the win. So thats what my game plan was. To watch my feet cause hes super good at leg locks and to stay active so i can tire him out and hopefully win in the closing mins of our match.

Well things didnt go like planned. I stayed active like I was planning on and I watched my feet (for the most part). To make a long story short, he got me with a toe hold at around the 6 min mark. And I had no choice but to tap. I was disappointed when I lost. And to make matters worse my ankle was SO swolen that I wasnt able to compete in the 140 advance division after that.

So like the thread title says, Im sorry I let everyone down. My teammates, my sponsors ( and Bite Me mouth guards), and everyone that supported me and helped me out.

MAJOR props to Brain Cimmins for letting me compete in his 8 man. It was an honor and Im sorry I didnt put on a better showing.

And to my man Sav, thanks for letting me crash at your house and being a great host. You looked after me and I really apperciated it.

You have a lot of nerve posting here after you let us down. I am too upset to think right now. Go away and never come back. Asshole.

Keep going useless! The only way you can go is

"You should be proud of yourself to be placed in such an outstanding field of grapplers."

Yeah I know I was happy to just be invited. But still...

"how did glover do?"

He lost to teo by achilles in the 8 man. he also fought in the 140 and under division and took second. Losing to a ATT black belt that he beat at the last GQ. He lost by kneebar. It was a good match.

Hey useless, you have nothing to be ashamed about!! You have to remember that you were good enough to some to get invited to fight in the pro 150 lb class. Keep the chin up and know you are improving and gaining experience with every match!

What's with this lame ass scream for attention. You didn't let anyone down, I didn't know a single person who thought you'd win anyway.

Congrats for trying!!!!

Here is an appropriate quote:

"You gave it your best and failed miserably. The lesson is never try."

ThePeople has spoken, and methinks he is correct;-)

On a lighter note, injuries happen, and of course we can't forget the old "Better to be the man in the fight..." speech by Roosevelt.

Live and learn my friend, there's no substitute for hard work and experience.

The only way you let me down is because you didnt call me so we could go see Jay and Bob...


Everyone loses bro.....Learn from it and move on.


Congrats on getting in there with the best of em!!!

props bro!!

" I didn't know a single person who thought you'd win anyway."

Yeah I agree, not that many people thought I was going to win but I had a few people pulling for me.

Arais- my bad for not calling you.

ptm- yeah I see your point.

You will never be forgiven...J/K/ Keep your head up!

Should have made him break it. Props for stepping up a weight class.

it Arias my heterosexual life mate

"Should have made him break it. Props for stepping up a weight class."

I think he did. He had me in 2 toe holds. The first one snapped my leg like a twig, but I got out. The second one popped 2 times before I tapped. I tried to roll my leg out but it flet like my ankle rolled the opposite way.

Anyways I gotta get my leg x-rayed, I think I tore a ligament, someone said they think its broken. But I dont think I would be able to walk if its broken. My ankle is all balck and blue and its swollen.

no problem useless, you'll be back better than ever man.

BTW, what are the results of that tourney? Who won?

Last week I met a 5 yr. old boy with cancer who said your victory would be the only thing that could inspire him and motivate him to keep fighting his illness. I told lil' Mikey you'd win it just for him. Needless to say... he's dead now. Congrats, scumbag. j/k

Hey Ulysses its Crazy Tim from Houston. Whats up bro. Fuck you did your best!!! Just keep training hard and fighting you will be fine. Its about competition not medals. Just compete and fuck the bullshit. Your so MONEY and you don't even know it kid.

PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST and tell marc I said whats up I will be back soon to let you guys smoke me some more!!