Sorry State of Heavyweight Boxing.

With the recent Heavweight night in NY...and last weeks Klitschko KO over Danny Williams...there seems to be a lack of excitement in the Heavyweight Division. Klitschko clearly is better than the other champions...Ruiz, Byrd, well as the other top guys in the rankings, Danny Williams, Corrie Sanders, James Toney. Tyson is done BTW. I was wondering, what does it take for some MMA Heavyweights to cross over and make a pay day in Boxing? Sylvia, Arlovski, Eilers, Kyle, Cro-cop, Rizzo, ...why doesn't Tra Telligman go back to doing Professional Boxing. Any of the MMA'ers with good hand skills could beat the list of Heavyweights right now...except for Klitscho.

I doubt it...

how is he clearly better than byrd?

also what has changed in the last 5 years to make you think they are bad now.

tyson has beaten no one in years

lewis beat an old holyfield, an old tyson, and out punched klitscho something he wouldn't do again.

he lost to an over matched rahman and came back to beat him the second time but still it shows how weak lewis really was.

then i guess MMA fighters are not very bright because they could be making $4million a fight in boxing as opposed to $4K a fight in MMA. there is a reason why they are not boxing at that level, because they cant!

getting big payday fights has more to do with who you know then what your abilities are, it seems.

from 125lbs and up the "true" champs in boxing are getting $1mill at least every time they step between the ropes.

if the mma'ers could box at that level for that type of money, you would never seem them in a cage again.

I am not saying the Heavyweights get the paydays right it means paying some dues for a year or two fighting scrubs. But once you make a name, I am sure the boxing pays more than MMA. Pretjah...what point are you making only to reinforce mine...Heavyweight division Boxing is in a sorry state. Other than Rahman, did you see anything in the Madison Square Garden night of Heavyweights that impressed you? Why are you so down on Klitschko...he was clean the fight with Danny Williams, got rocked a couple of times, but rarely got hit. He is learning more every fight.

Lytle boxes...Pulver can be done with the right training.

I hate to break this to you but Vitali made something like $275,000 for his last fight, which is right around what Couture earns. Of course, that was a really poor main event for HW boxing and a rematch with Lewis or showdown with Toney, Byrd or Rahman would net him Million plus for sure, so you point is still well taken.

The HW division is going through a down time but just as always in the past, it is just a matter of time before the next Tyson, Ali, Holyfield, etc. come along and ignite the division. It has always been like this that there are down times in between great champions. You had Ali then a big gap with Holmes not being that big a drawing card, then Tyson ignited things and of course then Holyfield with his balls out style. The Lewis era started the momentum downhill in terms of drawing capacity and it is worse now.

Just a matter of time.

I didn't know Vitali made that little in the last fight. That's sad.