Sotiropolous fighting in SHOOTO!!

SCHIAVELLO is good but he lack's product knowledge, which is why he is only part of the puzzle.


No no, not the Big Kabosh, "Good night irene", " close but no cigar" guy!!!!


SCHIAVELLO is a smart guy and it wouldn't take him long to be one of
the best MMA comentators around. Sorry, but that's a fact.
Love him or hate him he is good at what he does.
It would be good to have a co-comentator with more technical
knowledge to offset his verbal flair though.

JFT has dropped the correct 100000000000%! Gotta remember that Big Mike was just a soccer commentator before kickboxing. he would easily adapt to MMA.

While it was sorta funny hearing him call positions and holds wrong on Xplosion, like jeremy said he just needs "co-comentator with more technical knowledge to offset his verbal flair".

Imagine the fun you could have along the way!


Good luck to George. He is always a great competitor.

Regards, Chris Shen

Just found out George Sotiropolous, who was scheduled to face Yusuke
Endo, was taken to hospital on July 10th and diagnosed with acute
gastroenteritis and is out of his SHOOTO bout. Hope he gets better and
bangs 'em up in Japan soon.

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And I hope he has medical insurance. That shit can COST in Japan.

Wishing all the best to George.  Both for his fights and his recovery.