Sotiropolous fighting in SHOOTO!!

It appears George Sotiropolous is fighting in SHOOTO in Japan in less
than 3 weeks time. July 21st is the date. He's currently taken up
residency in Tokyo and is training at Enson Inoue's PUREBRED, Omiya
and representing PUREBRED!!.

Great to see another Aussie get a shot in Japan!

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Awesome news! I think George will impress!


good luck

great news, congrats to George!


i know his roommate lol sorta

George will do well, and will be in his element in Japan, despite the
language barrier.

I think the language barrier will be his friend :)

On a serious note I think he has a LOT of potential within their 72kg class and wish him well. Being with Enson his matching should be good too.

Great to see an Aussie put his neck out and $$ behind himself and go for it. Can't wait to hear the result.


LOL at justins language jibe.

Seriously tho , showing a bit of respect doesn't cost much and is repaid in kind.

I cant wait to hear the japanese try and pronounce his name :)


"I cant wait to hear the japanese try and pronounce his name :)"

BWAHHH!! True that..

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I'd crack up if the Japanese announcer just did like Aussies are so prone to do:

'Geeeeoooorrrrgge....So.So.Soto....Big Woggo Name!'

Gonna sound like Mr snuffelupigus from Sesame street. With japanese R's & L's

It'll spit like this


regardless he should do really well.


i think the japanese will find it easy to pronounce his sirname, as japanese and greek sirnames are both long and often difficult to pronounce they are quite similiar.

Thinks it's time to pass sir, yo' fuckin' up the rotation ;)


He may go with George "Diablo" Soturos.
I had a discussion with him a while back about marketing, his name

May work overseas?

hey sweet as! wheres that gym at?

Good move jeremy. diablo is in devil?

Think he's with Enson at Omiya?? I wholeheartedly believe enson is a superb mentor for George and the right man to get him on the right track. Enson was the driving force behind kid's evolution to super-stardom.

Genuinely happy to see a fighter do what george has done. I am sure he will impress!


Justin, yep. Diablo as in Devil. For those that know George or those
who have rolled with him, the name kinda suits as he's a demon on the
ground. He he...
George was hesitant about it, so we'll see what happens.
There is a great segment with George on the latest Masters of
Grappling dvd (2) you should check it out.
Justin, I'd also be interested in commentating. Have you spoken to
SHIAVELLO' yet? He's a good friend of mine.

I'll second that Schivello commentating mma isn't a good option.