South East Asian Grappling Games

Hey guys,

2007 SEA Grappling Games is coming by again in March in Bangkok, Thailand.

Is a huge tournament (teams from Japan, Aus, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia etc etc etc) all competing and makes a nice notch on the grappling resume.

Anyone coming along?

Want to come and prepare with the winning team? Drop on in



Wow! Would love to see it...hopefully there will be some DVD release of it (doubtful but I can hope)

I'll be there.


any official date yet??

I am there :-) -

still waiting for the official date.

its very good news and probably one team from my country(Iran)take part _ Dehghani sheeva


I was told they are aiming for the 17th and 18th of March. Though this is not yet 100% confirmed.