South Florida lifters/fighters..

I am trying to get a group of lifters,fighters,etc to train with the same goal in get stronger, faster, better conditoned. I have been strength and conditioning for over 20 years. Anyone interested contact me. Located in my garage gym in Tamarac.<br /><br />Coach Rich<br />954-588-7761 call or text<br />

So you're selling steroids?

Haha jk.

I've seen your website, looks legit.

Post something about this on my fxgrappling Facebook page. Phone Post

heyyyyy be will do that . Thanks man.

Coach Rich

I started in coconut creek ATT and only used GI long enough to make green. I did compete in several NO GI contests though. I continued to train over the years at ATT weston and ATT Davie. I by no means claim to be a fighter but can teach the basics. I do currently hold records in powerlifting and feel I am an expert in the strength/conditioning area. I look for people to train serious and hard. Thats what I basically am offering is my knowledge in conditioning. It helped that i actually trained and compete in grappling so i had a better understanding on training fighters.