southern oregon training???

hey, i recentely moved to southern oregon. I looked in my town for a place to train and i only found karate/ taekwon do, etc. I'm not looking for a mma school. a jiu-jitsu or wrestling class would make me happy. There is a mma event in town tonight. If theirs interest in mma, where are the F'in schools?!?!?!?! anyone. I'm in the rougue valley area but am willing to travel maybe 25 miles or so? maybe around S.O. university? help me!!

Medford has New World Fighters (gym). Has some good talent down there for bein such a small area. Devin Cole, Josh Haynes and John Gunderson are outta that area so the training is perty damn good.

Go to and look for info on them- I think you wanna get ahold of JT Thomas or Jacob Porras. 

Good luck

If you need any more info on traiing down there contact me at