Southpaw Greats Poll

Who are your top choices for those who fight out of the SPaw stance? (or at least for a significant portion of their careers ala Hagler?) also are they a natural southpaw or known to be a righty who fights unorthodox. I'll start:
-Pernell Whitaker
-Winky Wright
-Prince Hamed
-Michael Moorer
-Corrie Sanders (only included because I dont know of many decent SPaw heavies ...)

A very underrated fighter who was a poor mans Whitaker was Camacho.

I believe Hagler was a natural righty.

Wasn't Camacho at the top of the Ring P4P rankings when he was in his

Vasily Jirov is a good cruiser SPaw.

Audley Harrison is a good heavy SPaw, LOL.

De La Hoya and Barrera are left handed fighters who fight orthodox.

-Barrera? I had no idea ... helps explain the left hook. -Also, I just found out that Chris Byrd fought SPaw. Might make him the best at heavy as a SP.

Winky and Moorer are both natural righties that fight southpaw.

Southpaw Hall of Fame Boxers

Lou Brouillard (1928-1940).
107-29-2, 66 KO
Welterweight Champion 1931-32
NBA Middleweight Champion 1933

Young Corbett III (1919-1940)
124-12-15, 32 KO
Welterweight Champion 1933

Tiger Flowers (1918-27)
115-14-6, 53 KO, (21 No decisions)
Middleweight Champion 1926

Freddie Miller (1927-1940)
208-28-7, 42 KO
Featherweight Champion 1934-36

Lew Tendler (1913-28)
59-11-2, 38 KO
Top Lightweight Contender of the early 20's. If not for Benny Leonard being around he probably would have been champion.

Vicente Saldivar (1961-73)
38-3, 27 KO
Featherweight Champion 1964-67

grins evily with the influx of more southpaw knowledge

Moorer at LHW was the greatest southpaw I can think of

i've never seen any of those guys who goldust named

I would vote Whitaker definitely as the best with hagler a close second.

Two different kind of southpaws imo.

true southpaws were known for the left cross of death. So will vote for Pacman and Corrie Sanders

Goldust, where did you find out about those guys?

Pac could definately end up on the all time list, its too soon to tell

Bert Lytell was damn good.

Pac's getting closer to all-time with every fight

calzaghe is a natural southpaw. zab judah is a good southpaw as well. miguel cotto is actually lefty which is partly why his left hook is so heavy. but he also switches to southpaw frequently.