Southwest Submission Open (Arizona)


this is great news for AZ grapplers. Along with Gustavo's tourney, I'm glad to see another alternative to DQ. best wishes, Tino.

Takedown only is pretty cool.

The Takedown tournament should be a lot of fun.

We always did those in high school and they were great b/c you got to compete, but they didn't count on your record or anything.

 TTT- Great news !!

Santino DeFranco - TOM,

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We are definitely going to try and put on a better grappling tourny than RITC. Theirs are generally horribly reffed and need to be organized a little better. Hopefully, we can give the greater Phoenix area a better grappling option than that.

However, there won't be slams (not sure if you want them or not) as they aren't allowed in almost any tournament.

Ok good.

Gustavo Dantas puts on badass BJJ tournaments but the RITC ones typically have slams. I was just wondering.

I'll probably compete in yours.

ttt for this tourney


slightly off topic....

Is it just me or does Arizona just have a plethora of really good MMA gyms and groups? it seems like I'm always seeing it mentioned somewhere.

I graduated from ASU in 1984 so of course none of this shit existed then, but it's cool to see happening.

i wonder why the valley is such a hotbed?


ttt for Franco Santiago..... LOL... You know something is wrong when your own instructor doesnt know how to say your name...hahahha

When are weigh-ins going to be? Just before match, at check-in, day before? Weight allowance or do we have to make weight in board shorts/rashguards?


how much for spectator admission?

Weigh ins will be both the night before at Southwest MMA, and the day of. I wanted to weigh in as many people the day before to limit the time needed the day of so we can get started earlier.

Spectator admission will be $5.

Please go to to register.

Thanks for keeping this thread going.




ttt for AZ grapplers