Southwest Submission Open (Arizona)

Hi Everyone,

I am hosting a submission grappling tournament September 12th in Phoenix, AZ. Here are the details:

Southwest Submission Open

Submission Grappling and Take Down Tournaments

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September 12th 2009 at
Desert Vista High School
16440 S 32nd St.
Phoenix, Arizona 85048

Southwest Submission Open in conjunction with Arizona's USA Wrestling program is proud to present you with a Submission Grappling Tournament on September 12th, 2009. There will be Novice divisions (0-6months training), Beginner (6months-1 year) and advanced divisions (1 year and up) for adults. There will also be teens and kids divisions as well.

Also, there will be a Takedown only tournament for both High Schooler's as well as a separate adult division. That's right, a takedown only tournament for all the wrestlers that competed in college or high school and no longer get a chance to work it or the current high schoolers getting ready for the upcoming season.

Medals will be given out for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for all divisions. There will also be RAFFLES for all competitors, where prize packages will be given away.

In addition to the tournaments there will be a professional 4 man tournament consisting of world champion BJJ players as well as UFC and WEC veterans.

Please go to for more details.


I'm all atwitter with excitement



 What can I do to help? Excluding keeping Jed and I from the snack bar and Parrish from the kids division.







Do you need sponsors? Do you have vendors?

Well, I will be there just to help keep joesonshuevos away from the highscool girls division.

Are there gonna be slams and what not? I don't wanna have a RITC tournament experience.


Sponsors are always welcome as well as vendors. If you have anything please e mail me at


We are definitely going to try and put on a better grappling tourny than RITC. Theirs are generally horribly reffed and need to be organized a little better. Hopefully, we can give the greater Phoenix area a better grappling option than that.

However, there won't be slams (not sure if you want them or not) as they aren't allowed in almost any tournament.

 cool? yeah, cat, cool man cool. groovy

TTT Good Shyt Santino :D

unless ya got white belts reffing like roland does i think your tourny will be much better.

Remember to register early to save some money on the entrance fee.