Sparring with Evan Tanner

It has been a great week thus far, and the beatings are non stop. My brother and myself have been training with Evan. He has a nice hook (speaking from experience now). Robert Follis is an extremely skilled instructor, I know first hand why this training centre is producing top level competitors.

The guys here at Team Quest are making us feel at home. Great environment to train.

Sounds Great Shawn!
Keep us posted.

Yeah! Tell us more!

Matt and Dan were in the room today, there was a great display of Olympic level technique, lots of individual attention. Afterwards they rolled with us and showed us why they are at the top.

We are like children in a candy store down here!


We will be on the next Sport Fight card in Oregon against the Olsen Twins for an old style greco roman match(no clothing), do you have any advise before we enter the cage?

Talk to ya soon,


I have some advice. Wear a rubber.

Did Tanner show you the "hulk-up" technique??? Just when you think he is completely rocked, he starts to shake violently, takes the fight to the ground and grinds the flesh off of his opponent's face with his elbows.

I love that guy!!!!

Heh, since HULK is doing nekkid Olsen twin porn grappling I am in negotiations to have him marry and fight Jennifer Lopez next.

Rolled with Evan, very good on the ground. Great submission attempts. Tough work out!


Jenny's ass is out of my weight class, she might have to drop one ass cheek.

Don't be fooled by the cheeks that she's got. She's still jenny from the block!

I'm never gonna leave this place! Well, maybe when the wife tells me it's time to come home.

Evan's pushing himself pretty hard in practise, going non-stop for 40 minutes. Everyone takes turns going with him.


I had my fun with Jenny before her and Puffy were hanging out. She has a gag order on me saying anything regarding the relationship. You should work on a deal with her, so we can release the nude drawings I completed with her.

I would, but I have seen your artistic ability.

You draw horrible stick figures.

I am pretty sure you should stick to porno.

Glad you're having fun.

TTT for the "Hulk" taking it to the next level!

Hey Shawn, send me an e-mail