Just trying to get everyones dates on my calendar for the end half of the year.

I have June 5 (BNE) / AUG 13 (Gold Coast) booked and tentative dates in Sept (Toowoomba)/ October & Nov (brisbane and Coast can switch either way)

Hopefully the later half of the year will be less conflictive to allow the fighters as many dates as possible and might help the fans too ;)

Either post here or email please

Oh well best of luck fighters.


thanks mate I am in need of a good PA fire me an email ;)


But then we wouldn't realise Justin is trying to get in contact with Joe, Kerry, or John.

I don't see anything wrong with the efficiency of using a public forum for direct communication (end sarcasm)

Perhaps the agenda of all companies is of importance to more than just me knowing.


I think its a good start for the few promotors we have in MMA to get together and work out dates. This could mean fighters could get more chances to fight more often through out the year providing they dont sign any contracts to any one single show or promotor!