Can anyone out there, please enlighten me with the website for Spartan?

You are now enlightened my son...


Hey G001. As the main Spartan man I must take full blame for a very shabby site as I should pull my finger out and do something more productive with it. And thanks to Father Tank for his guidence.

good one Tank, lol

Hey Hipsbaby. I might consider that option if I had the time to type on the net. oopps, I just typed!

I think there is a good chance it will happen as both parties would also agree that it would be a good fight. I will do my best to make it happen. Sam has so much confidence at the moment and you can tell by the way he fights he is ready to take up bigger challenges. As for Elvis, he is picking up speed at the moment and he career is looking pretty good as well.

Go Sam !!

Just got my NHB DVD today so I'm reliving Sam and Daniel's wins from Melbourne !!


Dont forget our other Queenslander in Adrian Pang that won. I remember letting out a few Queenslander calls on the night.

Tony, watched that one too, which I missed on the night because I was out the back.

Great effort on Adrian's part too !!


(but he still shouldn't have taken my pen off me !!)