speed jiu-jitsu instructional

has anyone heard of speed jiu-jitsu instructional tapes? they're supposed to teach you bjj psychologically...

anyone see these? what's your take on them?

I had them. I sold them on ebay.

The tapes are about 2 hours each, but contain roughly 10 techniques per tape (note that that means it's an average of 12 minutes per technique). There is approximately 30 seconds of rushed instruction (OK guys, here's an armbar: grab his arm, move here, put your foot here, squeeze your knees, he taps. one more time......good. done.) After that, the steps shown for the armbar are written on the screen. Each step is reduced to 2 key words, and then they are said over and over with this bizarre deep voice while you stare at a starry sky design. This goes on for a few minutes. Then they read off the names of the last couple techniques while you continue visualizing them. Then they go to the next technique.

Here's the issue: the exercises are great for people who are auditory learners. Unfortunately, if you're not a visual person, it's going to be hard to picture what you're supposed to be doing. And if you're a visual person, these are probably not the exercises for you.

Here's the bigger issue: If you extracted the actual instructional footage on these tapes, I'd be surprised if there's 60 minutes worth. The instructional portions are short, rushed, and contain NO details of any kind. Every move is taught in 5-7 steps, no matter how complex a technique it is.

I don't miss these tapes at all. They were hard to watch (because of all the pauses for the exercises), and the benefit/effort ratio was minimal.