Speed JiuJitsu Blue Belt Course?

Is the speed JiuJitsu Blue Belt course any good?

I see that its on sale and the concept sounds interesting. I just purchased the Rorion/Royce Basic and Intermediate tapes. I have no prior knowledge of JiuJitsu, And I wanted to know if there was alot of overlap between the two sets. This is what the website says

"After each technique is demonstrated on the tape there is approximately 4 to 5 minutes of accelerated learning exercises. By the end of the tape you will know and be able to remember all the details of each technique and would be able to perform the techniques from memory. By continuing to work with the accelerated learning exercises at the end of the tape the techniques are quickly developed to the point where their application in a sparring situation is second nature. This course teaches a new and powerful way of learning. This is the only place that teaches jiu jitsu techniques in a way that enables the student to learn over 60 techniques in a few days and have them be functional on an instinctive level within two weeks. The accelerated learning methods in this course can be applied to techniques learned in class as well to other video tape courses."

I haven't seen it myself, but a friend of mine has and said it was not worth spending any $$$ on.

Someone posted a review of the speed jiu jitsu course on
here some time ago. It wasn't positive. My advice is find a
club to train with or at least study the tapes you have and find
a partner to roll with. Good luck in your training!

Back before I got my blue (thinking that I never would), I wondered about this course also. Once I got it (and wasn't sure I deserved it), I still felt that something was missing that would make me a REAL blue belt.

Years later, I look at most guys just getting their blues and I wonder why it seemed like such a big deal to me. Receiving your blue is a sign that you are no longer a beginner. It means you should have game and at least decent technique from most positions. There can be a huge difference in the game of a new blue vs an experienced blue.

Back to the point: An accelerated program that gets you to blue fast is good but it's not rocket science. It may shave a couple of months off the process but once you get there, Purple is still a long way off for most.

I say this after having had my blue since 1998.

It's not worth spending any $$$ on it.

~Adam's friend who has seen it. :-)

Is there anything unique about the course? I mean, do they offer something that other instructionals don't? From their website, it sounds like they're claiming to offer slick learning techniques to embed the moves into your brain fast.

I posted a review on this set a couple of times. Unfortunately I didn't save it. In a nutshell, it is real tedious and the average person wouldn't sit through the whole set and ACTUALLY DO the mental visualization exercises.

It probably works, but I'll bet 95% of the people here don't have the patience to actually do the exercises. So no, it is not worth getting.

IndianaBrandon,Where do you live at?

For an "Old Guy" like me its all been in the journey:

The travels, seminars, sore nights not being able to move my neck, BJJ collegues/friends all over the US, meeting and training with Helio Gracie, sharing a few beers and ideas after a workout, chillin on this forum as the snow falls, ordering (and receiving) my first ATAMA Gold Weave...etc. etc. SPEED? I Dont want SPEED JIU JITSU, Im for LONGEVITY JIU JITSU.
So far so good Ive been lucky. Im blessed!

The belt just holds my kimono, NOTHING ELSE.

Wow--great post Rick T...there is a saying "The fun is in the striving, not the arriving"-your post reminded me of it.

Here's my unofficial review of the tapes, as i watched a bout two and a half of them before selling them on ebay:

the instruction itself is not very good. details are left out, instruction is hurried, and the details/steps that are identified in the instructional clips are not always the same as the ones in the "speed-learning exercises."

Here's the way the tapes work: you watch about 30 seconds of Ricardo blowing through a move. then you listen to what feels like AN ETERNITY (roughly 5 minutes) of repetitive mental exercise voiceover material with a star background and subtle music. Each tape is about 2 hours, but with about 5 minutes of instruction each. I would say they average around 9 moves per tape. This is NOT very exciting, considering that they are covered in little detail.

The exercises would work, I suppose, if anyone tried to do them for more than a couple days. Also, they might work if all of the necessary details to make the technique work were actually included. Often this was not the case.

Unless you have NO access to a training partner, a dummy, or better videos (which would be ANY videos), these are not really worth it. I felt like they were a last resort if I were stranded on a deserted island and wanted to MEMORIZE, without ever DOING, the basic techniques of BJJ (which is just barely what you get from these videos).

I am sorry if this sounds like I'm blasting them, but they really didn't have a strong point except maybe for novelty. I would rather shrimp up an down my living room floor and at least develop some kind of fundamental movement.


Great post, Rick T.

TT - I think that about sums things up!! :)