Spencer Fisher is slick!!

Pulling off such a nice triangle against a very good BJJ guy is not easy. That was awesome! How calm and relaxed Spencer was was also very impressive! Now, everyone can see why Spencer teaches Jiujitsu at Pat's. What's crazy is Spencer is an awesome teacher too and breaks everything down for you where you can fully understand and catch the technique. Everyone over at my house couldn't believe Spencer's hand speed either.


Spencer looked great in his fight, the way he was ducking and weaving on the ground was something id never seen before.

He's got the grappling and striking to be a contender at 170, deep as it is.

He's fun to watch.

Look forward to his next fight.

Monty told me awhile ago this kid was gonna be something special..  He also had some fast hands and a little pop in the footage I'd seen of him. He's impressive.

good fight

Just curious, but what belt does Spencer have in BJJ and who did he get it from? and Hoger as well? who is teaching them BJJ? I know Jeremy is a a serious BJJ guy but he doesn't train with those guys anymore(or at least not on a regular basis). Spence did look good though, I'm glad they decided to show that fight.

that fight was great. Both guys were evenly matched. Nice to see the ground side of Spencer. He is a great all around fighter. Tiago showed well as well

Jason... when are you going to come up so I can get you some hands like that too. Dont make me come down there!! I haven't seen Laverne in a while. Tell him Matt says, "whats up".

That was a great show Spencer put on. I guess the secret is out about Spencer's ground game now... not just a striker. There were still a few things that Pat, Matt Hughes, and myself would have liked to have seen done. However, you know Spencer has been busting his butt to close those gaps. He's going to come in phenomenal shape against Riley. This is going to be a great matchup! I wouldn't be suprised if they steal the show, if not put on fight of the year.

However, Big Tim might have something to say about that though. Tim's agility is coming along. He's in shape. Believe it or not, his hands are getting faster (without compromising power), his defense is definitely improving. So expect big things out of both of these guys. See ya soon buddy...

Matt Pena

What's up Matt. You have definetley got Spencer dialed in! I'm going to be coming to be at MFS a lot for my upcoming fight. I've had a lot going on, but i have to find a way to get to you guys. I've already talked to Spencer last week about it. I can't wait to work with you. LaVerne always says how lucky MFS is to have you as the boxing coach! See you soon. Take care. jason reinhardt

Oyama, Pat Miletich has his Black Belt in BJJ. Besides, Horn's instruction in BJJ will stick for life with guys he's worked with. You can only learn so much BJJ for fighting in my opinion. The rest is conditioning, timing, and drilling.

He certainly will be able to challenge at 170, but if UFC brings back 155, no one will be able to touch him.

that was bad ass. spencer is so slick, and has lethal hands. go king

I like Spencer big in his next fight.

Jason Tell Verne Daren from Long Island says wasup and am glad to see him fighting again and training hard

Jason, me and Laverne go way back to the old Davenport Boxing Club days. He knows what he could have done if he just stuck to boxing, but hell with his wrestling background, MMA and MFS was such a good fit for him too. Glad to hear he's bustin his butt again. Just a matter of time. Oh yeah... tell him I also said, "Meow.. brother!!" See if that still messes with him. =) See you soon man!!

Hail to the King Baby...

I saw the Spencer Fisher/Josh Neer fight live and it was one of the best fights EVER, period.

Fisher OWNS.

great technique imo


spencer is them man