Spencer Fisher looked great but...

I hope he doesn't judge MMA fights after he retires. No way that was a draw

He very humble indeed but man that was a MMA striking clinic. I was inpressed by stouts chin but Fisher won that hands down.

I think once Fisher watches the replay, he'll realize that statement was kind of ridiculous.

Fisher's got the best hands in the LW division, and Stout can take a beating like no other and keep moving forward. Huge heart.

When Spencer saw his face in the big screen, that might of made him think that Stout was hitting him more than he thought?

He may have just been trying to be humble.
OR going the distance and standing and punching, maybe being there in the moment he did feel like it was a draw.
He definetly had a different perspective than the viewers.
But yeah, he won that hands down.

maybe he meant theit 1st fight he lost was a draw?