Spencers entrance song ?

Anyone know what it is ?

awesome for sure.

God's Gonna Cut You Down by Johnny Cash.

Cash I believe


Cash was the man.

Cash IS the man

That was a cool video as well.

I love Cash but there's something not right about seeing guys like Kanye West, Kid Rock, etc. in his video. unfortunately, Cash has become quite a trend. the day i knew it was over was when i saw a Johnny Cash shirt at Hot Topic.

Cash was a legit fucking outlaw. Read his autobio. The guy was a fucking demon. These wannabes like Kid Rock are just a joke.

I believe Jason Lamber also came out to that song when he fought Babalu.

Kanye West is a douche lord.

great intro music!! Thanks for the vid

Cash was the freaking man!!!

"Cash was a legit fucking outlaw."

WTF ever. The guy was an entertainer, first and foremost. If you think Cash was a country outlaw, you've been sucking on mama's tutu a lil too long. He was a pill-popper. Big wow. Never spent a night in prison in his life.

Real country-western outlaw = Merle Haggard, Johnny Paycheck, DAC....heck, even Trace Atkins is more outlaw than Cash.

The Highwaymen are good, though.


Cash was a badass and a rebel musically, did what he wanted and gave a fuck all about anyone elses opinon. But in day to day life he was never a rebel, just a mischeif, then a druggie, and finally a redeemed, religious, centered man.

It depends on what you consider an "outlaw". To me, it's just not about committing crimes. I will guarantee you that Merle Haggard, althought he did time, did not do half the crazy shit that cash did throughout his life. Merle was a criminal, but after that, he was never really an outsider to the establishment like Cash was.

Cash started an enormous forest fire and got in alot of trouble for killing many endangered condors. He was attacked by an ostrich that almost disemboweled him. When he was at the hospital, he brought alot of his own drugs and hid them under his stomach bandage. The drugs accidentally seeped into his system. Cash then had flashbacks to WWII, got up with his stomach still open, and began to fight off the Nazis aka the female nurses.

Merle Haggard stole some stuff.

I'm a huge Johnny Cash fan. I even named my dog after him.

Joe his name is Cash not Hash.

Bringing hillbillies on UG closer together. How touching.

WC your hate makes no sense.  Your boy lost get over it.

"Bringing hillbillies on UG closer together. How touching."

I'll take hillbillies over a bunch of gangsters any day of the week. Johnny Cash rocks! I'm still waiting for someone to use his version of "Rusty Cage" as their entrance music.