Spent yesterday afternoon with Hillary ...........

 She flew into Los Angeles and I went and picked her up at the Koral Kimono shop in LBC.


Took her down to the beach and we sat and chatted over a few beverages.  She's here to ref a tournament. Said her med school is going great.

We could all learn something from the good Doctor (to be). She is smart as a whip.

Thanks for a good visit, see you soon.


I trust you passed along my warm regards.

Hilary is awesome! Phone Post

 Of course. From you and the rest of the UG.

She's on a hiatus from competition (so she can focus on school). But we'll see her compete again for certain.

Hey Zip, did you give her the old "Doc, I've got this swelling in groin" line? :D

 Tried it. She didn't go for it. I got a handshake. lol

I'm surprised. That's a solid move.

Pics or gtfo :) Phone Post

 She suggested. For the forum. I'm so ugly I avoided causing her shame and embaressment.  These things can can come back to haunt you later.

I'll send her the thread and she can tell us what tournament she's here for.

My friend Japhy met Hillary at some tourney in Cali and took a photo with her, I think because she felt comfortable that he was one degree removed from my MMA.tv screen name. I took it as a personal compliment and I share the story with strangers sometimes to earn their trust.

 Took me a minute to understand your post ! lol


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 That girl must be lurking somewhere...................


 Did you give her the painting I mader her:

Is she pretty in person? Phone Post

 any xbox giveaways?


name dropper

Sub I love watching her compete