Sperry's Lack of Success?

"I'm not saying Sperry is unsuccessful."

So why is the thread is titled "Sperry's lack of Success?" Way to back track.

He has fought nothing but top competition in Pride.

When you fight the best you are bound to lose a few IMHO.

Sperry is a World class fighter you just happened to have fought tougher guys.


Sperry's Pride matches include:

Mike Benic (1-2)

Andrei Kopylov (4-7)

Murilo Rua (10-4-1) great fighter

Igor (a lot - a few )

I only see Rua and Igor as top competitors. 

Isnt Sperry a little on the old side... he was probably platauing when MMA was getting big. some people just naturaly (and through hard work) have a bit longer of a career life like Busta cause he's up there in age too.

Yes. Sperry is going to be 38 this year.

What are you talking about????? Explain that one....

Concerning the UFC Belt...... My Manager Pops Krasnoo is the one who is Putting the UFC 155- Belt up.......... The UFC Belt I'm Fighting for Vs. Osaka Llang in August is the Legit I don't care what Joe Silva, UFC, Dana White, John Mcarthy say....... My Match is for the ULTIMATE FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP BELT IN THE 155 DIVISION........IF UFC DON'T LIKE IT TOUGH...DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

What makes you think Sperry can take Busta?

Manny ,stop trying to convince everyone you are fighting for thr legit UFC belt.If it's not The Ultimate Fighting Championship 155 lb. belt (the UFC started by Royce Gracie), then it's obviously some little ghetto ass wannabe organization.