Spidey's DEBUT in IFL!!

Guys, check out the interview we did with Spider on mmacanada.net


Team karma?
Which school is this team based from?

BTW, good luck spider!

its in Vaughan (ontario). Right by my house. Wagney Fabiano, Spider and alot of great talent come out of the private Team Karma gym!

Those pics were taken by me inside the gym!

Karma Boys are back!!!Is it the same location as the old Karma?

i used to train with wagnney till shoulder injury sidelined me.
What do you mean by private gym?
Are there no members at Team Karma?

Waggney is honestly my favourite Jiu jitsu fighter. I saw him fight on a freedom fight card and fell in love with his jiu jitsu. I live far away but could I scheduele a private there?

You won't find a nicer group of guys than Spider and his crew. Great private club.

What's your e-mail addy?

Spidey's a class act and will do very well in his MMA debut.

Go Spidey!


magnuskmagnuson@yahoo.com will reach me at my office.