Spike Appreciation Thread

For a free show, that UFN was awesome. Wicked KO's, subs, and amazing fights all together!!!!
Thank you Spike, Zuffa,.... and who ever else.

Fisher / Stout = top 10 fight of '07.


awesome show

TTT for Spike, now go get rights to that Muay Thai fighter show in Europe.. :)

Wicked show. I chewed the tops of me fingers off watchin the Fitch fight. Who da man??? Fitch da man!!


And this Thursday night will be excellent as well. Make sure to watch the back to back episodes of TUF5. Very good fights

A thanks for the fighters who put on a great performance.


I am not a fan of Spike and I assume much of the WWE promo stuff that
goes on is Spike's idea, not the UFC's. The production is not good and
lacks class.

Fights were good obviously, but I am not sure I want to thank Spike TV.

At least we didn't get stuck watching the same commercial all night, too. Short of the Spike TV award, they mixed them up pretty well.
One other nice thing - it seems they showed more fights than they planned on. When things were wrapping up quickly, they filled in the gaps with undercard matches instead of promos for the Belfast show.

That was the best UFN yet imo. Great friggin show!

TTT and /signed

that UFN will cancel out that abomination of a award show they are gonna do tonight

It was good to see Tavares fight!