Spinks/Judah Predictions

I'm a fan of both fighters, but I think Judah can pull it off this time. He was starting to figure out Spinks in the first fight but it was too late by the time he did.

Judah by close decision.

Bonus predictions: Mayweather by 7th round KO and Diaz by points

i totally agree with you, if zab had another round he would of won that fight

i hope he wins this time out, cuz spinks is boring and has no pop,
the only nice thing about watching spinks is his slick defensive moves

Judah should have won the last fight, but he was just damn lazy in the early rounds if I remember right.

If he doesn't make the same mistake this time he wins.

Thsi fight can really go either way but there is a reason Spinks was so hesitant to fighting Judah in a rematch.....Judah by KO.