Spinks vs Mayorga????

I obviously missed the boat on this one. I watched it with a whack of my pals last night at a friends house. A few beverages were consumed, but not to the point where I COMPLETELY MISSED THE TRUE OUTCOME OF THIS FIGHT.

Wayne-O and the rest of my Canadian forum boxing pals...what happened here? From what I saw, Spinks didn't do anything. I'm not saying I say all 12 rounds, but I missed the first 2-3.

If anyone taped it or knows of when TSN will be showing it, please, PLEASE, let me know.

it was fare,spinks won the 1st 5 and maybe 5 after that withou questions.The rounds Mayorga did win,he blew it by losing points,mayorga threw haymakers a missed mostly.
great victory for spinks

Spinks deserved the decision....Mayorga landed a few power shots but nothing that really hurt SPinks...even without the points taken off Spinks deserved the win. Mayorga missed so many punches that Spinks looked unhittable. It was a slugger vs. a technical boxer and the boxer won....


Man, I cannot wait to see TSN. It obvious I'm wrong, but I really need to see that fight again.


Spinks used excellent lateral and head movement to outbox Mayorga. He didn't fall into the trap of slugging with him. Good win for Spinks, but not overly exciting.

Ruiz fights damn ugly!

I agree with pain and mentalmidget, Spinks outboxed Mayorga. I expected more fireworks in that fight.

Mayorga's game plan in most of his fights is to draw his opponent into a slugfest which he usually wins. Spinks showed great skill and disipline not trading with Mayorga....

Ruiz is a hard fighter to watch...so ugly....that win means we will see him again :(

Hello Joe,

IMO Spinks won. It was a great fight with Mayorga
being the aggressor constantly and Spinks being the
slick southpaw forever ducking the hooks and backing
away or side-stepping the straight punches of Mayorga. Spinks's footwork was phenominal.

This was the first time i have witnessed Mayorga in
a fight, as i missed the two fights he had with Vernon
Forrest, and i must say, he is a man on a mission.
His concentration is outstanding, and i like the way
he cuts off the ring, but i didn't like his "choppy"
straight punches. When one of them did get in on
Spinks, they didn't seem to have an effect on him. For
a guy that hasn't lost a fight in awhile and for the
KO power he has shown in the past, i was surprised to
see his punches so choppy, almost like he was
'pawing' instead of throwing straight one's.

Spinks impressed me to say the least. Very fast hands,
not alot of power however, but moved so well, ducked,
in and out movement, rolled with Mayorga's punches, slipped, you name it. Mayorga threw alot more punches,
threw the harder punches, was more aggressive
throughout, but Spinks was just on the money more.
He outboxed Mayorga, he landed more scoring shots than
Mayorga, he frustrated Mayorga like crazy.

Tony Orlando (without Dawn) did a super job imo.
He controlled the fighters, as opposed to the fighters
controlling the ref ie; the heavyweight match-up.

I'd love to see a rematch though, and I think that
either Mayweather or De La Hoya would beat both Spinks
or Mayorga if they met.

It was a rough fight to call, lots of swinging and dirty stuff. If there was no points deducted it would of been a draw

boxing sucks, you can land strikes that woukldn't hurt a newborn and still be a world champion.

unbelievable ,we found the Spinks fight extremely exciting,we watched it on the edge of our seats...
We wondered if at any minute would Mayorge knock him out or get a DQ

Ya ok kashk, you're right, it does suck. Wanna spar?

Just for the heck of it dude.... ;)

No wayne-o, I do not wish to spar. Boxing as an art is great. Pro Boxing today is so messed up it is hard to decided where to begin.

Ruiz is an ugly fighter to watch. Why do they keep bringing this guy back? Is the HW div that bad?

I also want to add that James "Lights Out" Toney is not as exciting to watch as people are claiming.

He beat Holyfield but come on, Holy, back in the day, would have creamed Chris Byrd and you saw how that fight ended.

To add to that topic, how many fights must Holyfield lose in a row before they stop letting this guy box? Holy! Retire! You were a great champ. Don't do this to yourself!


Is the HW division that bad?....for shizzle. It's horrible right now.

As for James Toney, I will not let you insult one of Showdown Joe's favourtie fighters...only cause when I first started to learn how to box, I used to spar like Toney when my Coach wasn't looking. One of my favourite styles to watch, but, I can understand why you may not like it.

I jut think that I am tired of hearing how Toney is the next big thing. I just don't see him as a class A fighter. Ruiz either. He's definately up there in the HW division but a Class B fighter.

I agree that the HW's suck weiner right now though. No clear and away champs.