Spinning BF

What are the proper mechanics of the Spinning Back Fist?

Does anyone have any links to a good technique site for this move?

After watching Genki Sudo, I want to learn how to do it properly. I think it can be quite effective.

its great... ive KO'd a few people with it.

don't use the back of your hand, use the meat, like you're hammering something. its rediculously simple.
spin, use your momentum and swing. get the timing right and it'll hurt your hand from the blood rushing into it so fast and hard.

Watch for the counter or you'll break your arm.

"watch for the counter or you'll break your arm"

what do you mean by that?

If your opponent steps forward and raises his arm in a "High Cover" or for those who know Thai 'tut ma la' movement, your forearm will hit your opponent on the forearm thereby either breaking it with the force of the momentum or dislocating your elbow. Good Times. as with any attack there is a counter which may not turn out so well.

KaoLoy is correct, but thats why you should NEVER lock your arm out....

well, its an excellent technique when you set it up. of course there are risks involved, but if you never took risks you'd never throw an attack. that would make for a booring fight.

I've dropped more people with this in the gym than any other move