Had now idea pride last show already happened and Arona go KTFO 1st
round by huge uppercut. just found the vid

looked early..

I never get tired of watching Arona get knocked out.

lol^ me neither. You can tell his corner was telling him delusional things like:

"Yeah, fuck that referee, its all his fault the fight was stopped."

"You did good Ricardo, you could have submitted that guy if it went to the ground"

"Yeah Ricardo, you know he grabbed the ropes right?? What a cheater"

and I dont know what the fuck else he was telling himself when he was walking back in shame...you could tell he was play acting like nothing happened and went back to acting tough...he got fucken owned though!

I watched it several times this afternoon and thought it looked fishy actually

LOL. What you don't realize is that it's because you're a fool

Totally early stoppage, i mean after Arona got uppercuted, then after the shot when he was on the ground, then the soccer kick, he still could have kept going.

Stupid ref. It was really fishy when Arona was still lying stiff on the ground.


Not a fuckin work you idiots...I thought it was stopped early too, but Arona wasn't protesting so obviously it wasn't.

Amazing takedown defense shown there on the attempted leg reap - he jumped just in time and flew through the air from Arona's momentum, and came up standing.

Had to watch that over and over in slowmo to really appreciate it.

Athleticism in spades.. lol

I think the Takimoto fight looked more fishy.

It was the ref's crotch that finished him off.

ie. it didn't look like a work...

you jackasses made me agree with a pulsar post

WTF with the work calls? Arona got his face punched in. Nice work by Soko. He stop the single and then the double, and threw a perfectly timed uppercut.

LOL at that being a work

Not early.

He landed a soccer kick and wound up for a second one. Arona was still on his back and not defending.

seemed early to me

Arona got Sokowned


mouth of mw...he never landed that soccer kick, the ref had already stepped in by then...however it was a perfectly legit stoppage even tho I was rooting for Arona :(

anyone else notice something beautiful about this clip? In a ufc event the crowd would be booing heavily already after the first minute of inactivity. The Japanese crowd just silently watches in excitment..classy