SPOILER: Prelim result

Kalib Starnes defeats Danny abaddi via rnc

edited for correction

I think you have it backwards my friend

Starnes won by RNC


i dunno, i just read it at sherdog "live results" and then i posted

1 Mike Nickels Wes Combs Submission (Rear Naked Choke) 1 3:10

2 Matt Hamill Jesse Forbes TKO (Strikes) 1 4:47

3 Luigi Fioravanti Solomon Hutcherson KO (Punch) 1 4:15

4 Danny Abaddi Kalib Starnes Submission (Rear Naked Choke) 1 2:56

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this is what i read, then i posted

i was very surprised when i read it, which is why i posted

You almost gave me a heartache headbutted

that is what it says on live results... is it wrong (please say it is)

Headbutted is correct as Sherdog has it posted in the Live Results as a win for Abbadi. Apologies to Headbutted.

they jsut fix the error lol