Spoke to Randelman today

When Cro Cop is angry he does well and he will win. Look what he did to fedor's brother.

"Randleman will never be the best"

randleman has already been the best in the world

new training isn't going to help him now unless crocop starts going for subs

if his striking is refined, he might be worse off than before... it's not like he's going to out-technique crocop standing

If Randleman listens to his corner he'll be ok. It seems he gets something inhis head and then ignores everything else.

The guy is super talented. He just needs direction.

There is no reason to believe a focused, strategic Randleman couldnt take down CC at will.

What he does from there is another story but again, if he stays focused, there is no reason to believe he shouldnt be able to GNP CC to a clear decision, esp. if the old brutal GNP of Randleman past resurfaces.

Mirko has been KO'd every time he's fought a black man with bleached hair. It doesn't look good for Crocop.

Training outside of Ohio was probably the smartest thing Randleman could have done.

A focused and well trained Randleman is a scary Randleman.

maybe hes training with eastman/herring/mir.. dont they train in vegas?

cro cop underestimate kevin's striking and that was it. obviously that won't happen again, and a motivated cro cop is almost invincible.

"and a motivated cro cop is almost invincible"

no... not really

Randleman could be Crocop's Kryptonite.

Crocop is usually fast enough to stop anyone's takedown. Randleman may just be a little to quick for Mirko to consistantly stuff. All Randleman really need to do is keep his hands high(which is what he did the last time) and any time Mirko commits to a high kick or power punch, he'll be able to take Crocop down. The only way I see Crocop win is by submission which at this point is still questionable. But against Kevin, he may be able to pull it off.

I see Randleman winning via GNP ko or judges decesion.

Watch the ground game. AAA +

Frankie : " Lets face it. Randlemans training consists of lifting weights, wrestling around with Coleman, working a heavy bag now and again, and beating up Wes Sims " 100% wrong. He has dedicated himself to learning BJJ. Are you one of his training partners ?

You can't count Randleman out of ANY fight. I think he can and will do it again.

"I could care less how motivated Kevin is, he needs to take CroCop down and keep him there."

  • I dont think anyone of us will disagree that CC could KO Randleman and that Randleman can take CC down. I think the question that will determine the fight is how much damage will Randleman be able to inflict on CC on the ground and for how long?

"Randleman reminds me of Belfort.
You NEVER know which one is gonna show up!"

  • def. true but in Randleman's case I think its also a question of how much he has improved his overall MMA game.

Vitor def. has the overall game to do it but his is more a question of consistency and mental toughness imo.

Take Rampage: Randleman has been doing MMA far longer than Rampage and is a beter athlete than Rampage but somehow Rampage is one of the better boxers in the LHW class now.

I wanna see Randleman slam CC and smash him on the ground.

"randleman has already been the best in the world"


So is he training with Mark Laimon?

maquina- are you new to mma?

Oh, Holy Father of NHB, please let Kevin beat Mirco again. I didn't get anything for Christmas this year, & you know it would be the right thing to do.


It is going to exciting early on with Randelman's always early aggresion. Are the odds of a CroCop submission really that bad? I think Verdum doesn't think so.