Sponsor Raphael Assuncao

Raphael Assuncao ranked #9 in the world in his weightclass is fighting in the American Fight League next Friday March 7th.


Any interested sponsors ready to get on the Assuncao train e-mail me! drewout@yahoo.com


ttt for raph he is the real deal


Raphael is 11-1. His only loss is a controversial decision to Jeff Curran in his home state. He also has a notable submission victory over Joe Lauzon.

Raphael is the real deal, we are looking for companies that want to be represented by a true MMA warrior!

anyone who can beat masvidal AND lauzon is a fkn beast


TTT for anyone who may direct some sponsorship leads to Raphael...He is training hard and ready for his AFL debut next weekend!


Thought he was in WEC? And ttt for a sponser. I dont think Scalinis would go for it.

Raphael & Junior Assuncao, Diego Saraiva, Douglas Lima, and Rory Singer are all fighting on the AFL show March 7th!

Now that is a stacked card!

TTT for some sponsors!

He is a great guy and a great fighter, help this future World Champion out. The AFL has got an animal on their hands.

Raphael is one of the top lightweights in the country. Star potential written all over him and a genuinely humble and nice human being.

We at Bullet are definitely interested, hit me up bro.. Can I get a small discount, since I hand delivered him the AFL deal?

I can't believe Raphael isn't signed with the big guys yet!

I want to see the AFL blow up and let Raph finally get the recognition he deserves.

You should probably create a profile with his picture on it and some of his accomplishments.

A more professional presentation may help out your cause...

create the profile at FightJobs.com....there's a few sponsors there looking for fighters right now

I truly think the AFL will be viewed as "The Big Guys" very soon!!