Sponsor Rory Markham in UFC debut on July 19th!!!!

Anyone interested please e-mail me at TimMahoney36@gmail.com 

Some of Rorys past fights:  www.youtube.com/tbidness

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Is there an echo in here?

Ecko is running around here somewhere, I'd welcome them with open arms!

ttt for markham. he always comes to fight.

ttt for Markham

Awesome for Rory, but shitty show to debut on :-(


 Good for him. Long time coming

TTT for Chicagoan and all-around good guy Rory Markham.



Way to go Rory! TTT


Just imagine your logo intead of the IFL logo.

If you sponsor him, Rory will pee blood for you.

ttt, thanks kekoa@


TTT 4 Rory!

Congrats Rory! TBid---shoot us an email!

Make sure his opponent doesn't jump over him and make sure he doesn't beat him in under a minute!

^^ You got mma mail!