I just wanted to say thanks to my sponsors for helping me out and getting me ready for my upcomming fight on Dec 2ND at KOTC. Be sure to check out their sites,grab some gear and show your support

DeWALT TOOLS www.dewalt.com

VitaminWater www.glaceau.com

Topping Events www.toppingevents.com

Jack's Surfboards www.jacksurfboards.com

Sirius Athletic Wear www.siriusathleticwear.com

Sullen Clothing www.sullenclothing.com

Nunya Fight Wear www.knuckup.com

Booyaa Fight Wear www.booyaafightwear.com

Ruckus Fight Wear www.ruckusfightwear.com

DSO Eyewear www.dsoeyewear.com

So Cal Tiki's www.alohapainting.net

MET-Rx Fitness Gym www.metrxgym.com

ClinchGear www.clinchgear.com

FILTHY GEAR www.filthygear.net

DeLaO Jiu-Jitsu www.delaojiujitsu.com

damn...must be nice to have that many sponsors...cool best of luck bro!

can I borrow some sponsors?

gook luck at KOTC!!!! will it be a PPV?

How the hell you have so many clothing sponsors?

Dam hard to read them.

I make sure to hook all of my sponsors up with as much advertising that I can. I guess thats why I have a couple of them, they see the potential of getting great exposure at a minimal cost.

Dan - You have some good points but I'm loyal to all of my sponsors. I've been offered some good money from a potential sponsor to drop all of my other sponsors and have just one clothing sponsor but I told them it wasn't worth it to up and leave the companies that have helped me get to where I am today.

Thanks again to all of my sponsors and check out their stuff

Thanks for the kind words and I'll see you guys at KOTC on Dec 2ND

Dan- I see what your saying it makes a lot of sense but we both know that your not going to make sh#t unless your fighting in the big shows. I understand completely what your saying about the clothing companies but I make sure to ask them and see if any of them have a problem. Thanks for your insight

Dan- Ron said that he's been trying to get a hold of you