Sponsorship has come along way...

I am glad not to see Condom Depot on the asses of fighters anymore.
But I do miss the old sponsors...

My favorite was...
Meathead Movers.com

What was your old favorite? Phone Post 3.0

all those poker sites that used to be legal and were promoting themselves in MMA with a vengeance.

Guess they thought MMA fans were gullible people...

Condom Depot sponsored Ed Herman and their ad was something like

Ed Herman wraps his "fuse" with condoms from Condom Depot

Then someone here pointed out his nickname was "Short Fuse"

Cant remember who posted that but it cracked me the fuck up!

Bit of a beep, but was funny!


Gotta miss Matt Hughes Tire Barn sponsorship

Tire Barn was classic. Phone Post 3.0