Sponsorship Help? 11/8/08

 Hey guys,

I just found out that i will be fighting for the Rage in the Cage Heavyweight Title on November 8th at the US Airways Arena (where the Suns play). I could use a sponsor since i dont have any at the moment. I know times are tough and im not asking for much, but anything helps (clothes, gear, etc). I will most likely be having Jamie Varner corner me, as he did in my last fight. check it out below. I listen to everything he says. Here is a little history about myself

Name: Roger Mejia

Record: 10-3

Born: Amarillo, Texas

Fighting out of: Arizona Combat Sports in Tempe, Az

(Im not part of the sponsored LG fight team,  but those guys are my heroes and hopefully Ill be there one day)

Drink/Smoke: no/no (strait edge all the way)

Please TTT this until i can get a sponsor. I drive over an hour everyday just to train with no sponsors helping and gas is a bitch.  I will be blowing them up also in an upcoming local newspaper article ( I live in Casa Grande, Az). Anyone interested, Please PM me.

Thanks Guys,

Roger Mejia

Just so you guys know, the throat slashing thing at the end was me overcoming the personal problems that i had been battling for the last couple of years. (nothing cocky intended).  As for the metal horns well, metal is my other passion.



Get this man a sponsor






Hey Mexi, email pete clemente.


Explain to him that you are fighting Nov. 8 and need sponsorship help. see what he can do for ya.

hit me up. appearantly i can't message you. message me your email info so i can talk to you. thanks man.

 Hey donnie, just got home from the gym. I can be reached at

1. rmejia83@hotmail.com





 Darth- i just sent him an email



Hey Roger!

Send your contact info to jeff@attackmode.tv

Hope your training is going great.

 Jeff, email sent.



dude I'd edit that post to only contain email addy, you don't want random people having your number.

just some advice