Sponsorship Opportunity for Fighters

 Hi, this is Jason, owner of www.ko-reviews.com

I'm working on launching a t-shirt line with signature shirt opportunities for interested fighters. 

The compensation would work based on how many sales each fighter would generate.  I'd sell you the shirts wholesale (or we can work something out) and you resell them at shows or in your club and keep the mark-up.  Also you'd receive full markup compensation on all shirts sold from the website and if you give your buyers an order code, I'll give compensation on anything else they buy (even if it's not yours).

The signature shirt would have a standard design with your signature logo, signature or graphic on it.  Still working out the details with the screenprinter.  The designs are NOT going to be similar to affliction or tapout.  No tribal.  No skulls.  Nothing like that.  Design concepts are on the table right now.  Another unique feature will be that the shirts will be made of Hemp.  I don't smoke weed myself, but it's important to know that Hemp is a great fabric for MMA clothing. Hemp doesn't stick to the skin when moist from sweat and it has natural anti-microbial properties.  Perfect shirt to train in.

Anyone interested, reply here or send me an email.  It's all preliminary at this point and I'm not a millionaire to come and dump a ton of money into sponsorships and fail like a cobb28.  It's more of a cooperative that would benefit both parties. 


Paging Mr. Diaz.

 haha..I'd love to sponsor Nick.


 Lodune Sincaid is interested...he has 4 fights scheduled over the next 4 months