Sportfight 4 Results

The event started at 7:00 pm pst. Any results yet?

J ak

ttt... for results...

Come on... someone post some results...

J ak

How are people going to post results when they're still at the show?

They probably won't show up 'til around 1 a.m., if someone like bradu decides to write a review.

shawn... maybe someone on a computer or cellphone at the show will be able to contact someone...

j ak

Any news yet Jay on Benji??
hey here is my number I need to talk to you and get some paperwork taken care of when you can send it.
480 586 0964 Thanks-JOE

is horn-anderson the last fight?

ohh yes, I was referring to Gladiator FC. Got confused.

Man I wonder what went down. TTT for Benji.

ttt for the results

Nobody has results???

see my thread "Leben breaks Radach's jaw!"

thanks bradu