SportFight X 2011 "Rated X" Tour Dates




Sport FightX Announces 2011 Tour Dates


Senior director of public relations for SportFightX, Nikki Mason has produced the dates for the upcoming 2011, “Rated X” tour.

The first MMA event is scheduled for January 22nd at the Boutwell Auditorium in Birmingham, Alabama. The agenda is as follows:


January 22nd 2011- Boutwell Auditorium/Birmingham, AL

                             1930 8th Avenue N   Birmingham AL 35203

March- Gainesville, GA

May- Nashville, TN

July- Atlanta, GA

Possible cities to finish the tour for the year include Dothan, AL, Knoxville, TN, and Huntsville, AL. 


Sources close to the negotiations stated that an announcement will be coming in the next few days about the acquisition of an exciting main event attraction for the January 22nd fight.   Michael Edwards, co-owner of SportFightX, aspires that the promotion deliver to Birmingham what it has been lacking in the past. Historically, Birmingham has been a poor ticket seller. The city has been the victim of “bum” fights, whose problems included broken promises, terribly mismatched fights, and celebrity no-shows that were a let down to the dedicated MMA fan. Adam Gibbs, also co-owner of SportFightX, wants to bring a new image to Birmingham. Gibbs added, “SportFightX was a competently run company by William ‘Soco’ McAllister. It had a reputation for being an organized, well-run production. Now we have acquired it, we want to continue and expand that to not only include the Atlanta area, but also further into the southeast. We want to provide a reasonably priced ticket to a quality show, so when the fan leaves the building, they feel like they have gotten their money’s worth.”   Gibbs indicated he desired the “big show” feel without charging the “big show” rates in order for fans to experience an event. So what do you think MMA fans? Weigh-ins, press conferences, round by round commentating, fight aired on, smoothly run show with elite-level athletes? Me??? It sounds like it formulates what Birmingham needs----a breath of fresh air. ###    (256) 758-0024