sporting clays

went shooting with jack burton (THANKS AGAIN JACK)

fun as shit - everyone should check it out

how'd you do

eh at best -

still fun as fuck though

some of those fuckers are so fast i couldnt even track them - tough to site, move, shoot

not at all like tactical


the grouse is a bitch. straight up about 30 yards and straight back down. I miss every time. I have seeen old rich fuckers lose it at that station. LMAO at shooting the same station for about thirty shots, then leaving for the day.

I used to go once a month to the Holland and Holland school in Ruislip,UK. I lived in London for two years in the late eighties.

Got lessons from Ken Davies and Andrew Perkins.

I recently went shooting in Vermont and the instructor was kind of impressed as I broke most of the birds after not having shot for years.

Good intruction and basics cannot be beat.

I think that I will be buying a Beretta next year. There is a sporting range near my weekend house in upstate New York.

you should do it

like all shooting sports though - it gets expensive