Sports Fan - Bluename = FAIL

For there has been much commotion on the OG today about Erin Andrews nekkid vid.

And yes indeed it does exist, and is in Tapout right now!

Today is a very good day :)

PS. ESPN has been crackin down on all those who posses this sacred vid, but alas it has now been released into the infinite cyberspace. CHEE!

But the one posted might not last for too long so don't wait frens :)

PPS. i do not by any means condone the methods that this video had been born nor do i feel the person(s) involved in borning it should NOT be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

But Kod bless his sinful soul, he may need it.



this better be worth me heading ALL THE WAY over there.

Spy Cams FTW!!!

 This is her normal look

i think this might be her "work" into super stardom.

Paris Hilton knew what she was doing when she released her Vid.

I don't like copycats but in this situation, I highly encourage all hot female celebs to have their homemade amateur pron leaked.