Sports Illustrated - Couture

Pick up the 12/29 issue of Sports Illustrated. They did a special section where they asked top athletes which athletes they like to watch.

Shaq said Randy Couture so with Shaq's quote there will be a picture of Randy!

Isn't this the same Shaq that predicted that Tito would beat him!!! Come on Shaq where is your loyalty?!?!!! Oh yeah I forgot, you fall in the same mold as most MMA fans.....flavour of the day!!!


thats cool

If you're referring to when they asked the celebrities in the audience who they thought would win, they never showed what Shaq said. Every other Celebrity they showed, and they all picked Tito, but Shaq never picked Tito.

I'm pretty sure he picked Tito!!

Maybe Randy made a fan that night in Shaq? It was funny how the celebs went with the "trash talker" while most hardcore fans (I think) picked the "old man".

actually most hardcore mma fans picked tito as well.

i picked randy!

I picked Tito to beat Randy. I was rooting for Randy but I didn't pick it that way.

Great news. Randy is the man and I had money on Randy against Tito.

I had Tito over Randy as well.

Cool news about Shaq.

that's sweeet- good to see that Shaq has seen the light. I had all I could afford on Randy but I was disappointed b/c the odds changed from 3 to 1 with Tito favored to both fighters being -115 the day of the fight.