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Shaquille O'Neal, Miami Heat, center
Would pay to see
Believe it or not, Randy Couture, the Ultimate Fighting champion, because he's old and when all the young guys come down, he still kicks their asses. I've been to his last four fights. He's the Shaq of Ultimate Fighting.

 Then they did a full story on who the pros admire.  This excerpt is from that page.

 The pros' appreciation for other pros goes way beyond the mainstream. The Miami Heat's Shaquille O'Neal would spend his jackquille on Ultimate Fighting champion Randy Couture ("the Shaq of Ultimate Fighting," O'Neal calls him), while Los Angeles Clippers forward Zeljko Rebraca went for another Ultimate Fighting stalwart, Royce Gracie.

Captain America!

rebraca musta only seen ufc 1

whats basketball?

Of all the pro sports out there, NBA players are by far the biggest fans/followers of MMA.

Shaq lives in the same gated community as Jamie Levine. He's cool as hell and a few times when I stayed at Jamie's house we've talked with him about fighting and stuff. He's a big fan of the sport and actually knows what he's talking about.


Yeah, that Jamie. He lives in a $2 million house there (his uncle owns it).

Ask forum member SuperFly Snuka

Everyone loves captain america!

If Rebraca had seen Royce vs Saku he'd surely have mentioned Saku over Royce in that article. More for your money.

I would pay to watch Randy and Royce fight....and Shaq play basketball :)

It's good to see that in SI