sportsbook just closed my account and won't let me access it. They SAY my money has been sent to my bank account, yet they do not know my bank info. I used them through paradise poker. The money wasn't sent to there either.

I just want to warn the rest of the US players out there, get your money out if you use them.

pinnacle seems to still want my business.... I wonder how long that will last.

The funny thing is that sportsbook sent out a letter YESTERDAY saying that their customers would still be able to bet with no problems.

I'm sure I'll get my money back but this is just so fucked. How the fuck did this law pass? Fucking morons. We are a country led by corrupt fucktards.

I say we kill all the lawyers and politicians now. Corrupt, lying sacks of shit. There are only 2 lawyers out of about 100 that I dealt with who I didn't want to f**king strangle.

They sold their us acct for $1

I pulled my money out of their ASAP, I knew they would pull something
like that.

Pinnacle or BetChris is the way to go.