Sportsmanship tonight...

I know everyone enjoyed the fight. but the sportsmanship was jsut too over the top, slapping glove slike 10 times a round.

It just made the fight seem less intense...i mean its a fucking main event, duke it out, give props later, thats the really negative I have about tonights fight, Frank just made the match seem less intense with basically congratulating Cung everytime he popped him or took him down.

At one point Le rocked Frank, and Shamrock stumbled backwards a bit, instead of Cung continuing to attack what happen...they touched gloves and like restarted,lol. I'm not against good sportsmanship for the record, i just think there is a right time to use it and a right time to just shut the fuck up and fight.

Flame away..

Touch gloves when the the ref is explaining the rules. Then fight.

just b/c you much stumble someone with a good punch doesn't mean they are ready to be taken out immediately, especially early on in a fight. an injured fighter is a dangerous fighter. best to wait till you KNOW it's time to finish.

all the glove touching was getting silly though.

No reason to ever touch gloves while the fight is going on. Theres time before, and after. I hate that, but its easy to get sucked in if the other guy initiates and it throws you off.

shamrock was initiating the glove touch when rocked to give himself time to recover

^ i was wondering that, maybe cune was too nice for playing along,lol. I really thought it was stupid though, like non-competitive on frank's part.

cune was definately too nice

It was much too over-the-top. It reminded me of a sparring session.

agreed Cung being nice almost cost him the fight at one point.

It was better than Leonard Garcia v Roger Huerta when they did the same

umm, no. ^

yea...I was gonna use the term sparring, but even in sparring I'd think a partner would tell Shamrock to put his fucking hand down and leave the props for after.