Sportswear Question?

Dave and I have been sitting around banging heads for I guess hours now about a logo for tshirts and beanies and stuff to offer here. Okay, not even sure about the logo look, at all, but the question is this - do you prefer:

Live to Fight (


I Fight ( might be iFIGHT

V grateful for any and all replies including a ttt or a you guys need to get some sleep immediately.




I like both, just a suggestion on logos, go with something simple but recognizable for the logo. Nogi, Fokai (some of em) and Sprawl are great examples. Far too many MMA shirts are way too busy or have ridiculous logos. Like the old Chute Boxe shirts are awesome but the new Wand ones are absolutely coated in logos/symbols and it's just too much. Avoid pitbulls, comic book type characters and tribal anything. Looking forward to seeing the stuff.

Also, I'd have to go with iFight too.

Thanks so much for the feedback!


That is pretty sweet.


Id love to support the site and get some gear if it looks cool, but iFight is not a logo i would wear, as i don't fight. Maybe a logo, then some geat with iFight on it and some without?

NoPlacebo's suggestions are good too.


I agree with NoPlacebo's post.

iFight makes me think of iMac or iPod... didn't the "i" in these things
originially stand for "internet"? therefore wouldn't iFight be like
"internet fight" aka "keyboard war[rior]"?

however, "ME FITE!" with a caveman logo would rock.

I thought it was a logo for a website.

Those may get people to start fights with you. But alot of MMA t-shirts are like that.

I like

Fighters hit it harder

lol! iFight= keyboard war!

  1. turn down the testosterone!!!! fighting is "manly enough" in itself, ditch all the "tap or die" "live to kick ass" "knock your ass out" TRAILER TRASH SH&T! Its just juvenile and reeks of insecurity and wanna be tough guy crap.

  2. Most fighters dont fight in bars or rob tourists in the streets. Play into the martial arts, honor, bushido aspect. This is what non-MMA folks are inmmediately taken back by- the mutual respect between competitors. This is what whould be emphasized.

  3. There are still origional ideas left in the universe. No need to piggyback APPLE or HARLEY DAVIDSON. again, this displays amateurism.

PS_ the thread says sportswear (not fightwear)and thats the key!

ifight sounds real cool even though I don't fight, lol.