sprawl & brawl not lay & pray !!

well sorry it took so long to respond to all the talk of me and marks, but it was hell trying to get a password.
I thought long and hard about what to say and cedric if you looking for some good feedback,,,, I think I got some. First, about the hole kotc thing,if theres one thing I've learned in this industry it's that second hand info sucks! freind or foe, I don't beleave anything that didn't come from the goats mouth.(goats mouth being the promotor of what ever event you want to fight in.)
Second, controling your anger is an every day thing, so think before you act and be 100% sure that the person your dumping on is the one at falt or you'll end up kicking your own ass.(I think the thread read:f@%k koct) that stuff does nothing but hurt your chances of reaching your goals.
Third I don't know about what thease guys are saying abount how xtreme our last fight was, personaly I thought it was boring to be in let alone wacth! I meen you did what you need to do by not standing with me and do to my lack of grappling at the time your lay and pray style untile I gave you somthing was enough to get you the win, but if thats the way your going to fight STAY HUBBLE! leave the striker talk to the strikers. All of us here in mexico knew four months pryer that your mouth was in it, but we found out fightnight real quick that your heart wasn't. I thank you for that fight becuase I learned alot about my self as a person and a fighter. I don't regret losing to you because out of the 12 fights I've had I learned the most from my losses and in are rematch next year when you wakeup I hope you take the loss for what it realy is,,,, a tool to help you in your quest of becoming a better man inside and out.

Mike (El Verdugo) Seal

Its funny i had no idea what this thread was about from the title. Mike Seal, Did I ever tell you you were going to fight someone different from the person that you actually fought?