Sprawl Shorts: Shrink in the wash?

It would actually be advantageous if they did. My girlfriend just got me a pair for my upcoming fight and I heard they ran small so she got a 34 instead of a 32. Should I send'em back or will they shrink in the wash.

I doubt they'll shrink. They are synthetic.

they might shrink a little bit.. but then they stretch back out

I had a probl;em with the leg size. I am a 36 waist, but had to wear a 38 due to the leg size being tight.

The 38 was comfortable on the legs but dropping off my waist.

not sure if I liked them or not.


I had the same problem.. My 36's were tight around the legs, so I had to go up a size.. But so far, mine haven't shrunk in the wash.

No shrinkage. We are talking about shorts, right? Oh good, yeah; no shrinkage...

Hrmm. Might send them back. Thanks guys.

I can't do the board short thing period either Ian. I've tried a few different types, but the kind that fits my waist right barely fit over my ass, they kind that fit over my ass have so much slack in the stomach that I end up using the last part of the velcro.

That fashion trend never caught on with me for the same reason. I have like one pair of board shorts that I bought in 98 that ever fit right.