Spring Break= Shoulder Surgery!

I have a kick ass spring break planned... Surgery. I tore my rotator cuft and some other tendons from wrestling the last two years. So now my shoulder gets dislocated alot. I'm up to about 15 times because my dumb ass won't stop wrestling around.

The doctors told me that I am not getting opened up, they are just going to make 3 small holes and fix it like that. Has anyone every had this kind of surgery? I'm told I will have to be in a sling for four weeks and no wrestling for 6 months!

yeah ,i had 3 tears in my cuff, and had it scoped!
it was about 6 months before i was back rolling, but i was very limited.

it takes awhile to get strength back up. even after hitting the weights and putting up some decent weight again, defending a keylock was out of the question.
that and just weird little movements would bother it.

it's been 2 years now and i still can't do dips without it bothering me for a couple days afterward.

but it really depends on the location and severity of the tears, and the skill of your surgeon!

i will say this though. i broke my leg 9 months ago, right above the ankle (both bones the tibia and fibula) and this sucked hard core!

if i had to choose again... i'd take the torn rotator in a heart beat!

good luck!