SRC In Trouble?

Here is the post from nightmare of battle. Speaks for itself.

The End Of SRC?! Because Of An Article?
– February 1, 2011

Today another negative thing has happened in the JMMA world.

It’s hard to understand but Gong Kakutogi (Japanese MMA magazine) writer Manabu Takashima has written an anti-WVR article for the March issue of Gonkaku.

Because of the misleading/untrue contents of that article SRC sponsor Don Quijote are considering withdrawing. Apparently he wrote several things in the article that WVR immediately negated.

The next SRC event on April 23rd will most likely not happen. WVR are seeking an apology and correction from the writer.

This is all from a WVR article on the SRC official website.

Kamipro and Gonkaku have almost always been negative toward Sengoku for some reason (probably because, at least Kamipro, are friends with some of the DREAM people/fighters).