St Louis / Franco Behring Team

Jason, Gord, sorry about the names...

All the best for my family in Red Deer!!! Marry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

God bless all!

Sylvio Behring





ttt for Jason St. Louis and his team. Merry Christmas!



Have a great holidays Professor.

All the best to you and your family.
God Bless us everyone. *Tiny Tim Voice off*

Gary Vig

Gary, how's the gym looking? I might be up that way right after X-mas maybe we could get some training in.

Merry X-mas Professor.
Merry X-mas to all the Red Deer guys and gals.


Thank you Professor,

all is well in Red Deer and Afton sends her best to you as well.

I.m in Toronto right now getting ready for my UGC fight this Saturday.

Talk to you soon.....

Hi Unca Gord...

Gym's looking fine...
Without Jay there the tattoo quota was too low so we had a local tattoo artist give 5 of our little peewee students full back tats.

Sure they cried ...but those are gonna be the most hard-core looking little kids at their schools.

Our new mats got held up at the border unfortunately.Hopefully we'll get them before xmas.
If you are in Calgary at all during the holidays give me a call and I'll buy you a beer.


Sorry, GARY!!!

Big mistake, but I made a confusion...

Thank you for everything and all the best for you!

Sylvio Behring

Gord, Gary...what's the difference?

I will be in Calgary over the holidays Gary, I'll give you a call but no beer, I need whiskey! Brings out the ghost of X-mas past.